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Jun 17, 2013

Yes, You Might Change the World

You can change the world.  Do you believe?

        One of my favorite authors on things humanistic and spiritual is Jim Wallis. In his recently published book, he notes that personal decisions, choices, and commitments will change the world more than politics. His words are practical, real and compelling, detached from life, disconnected, preachy.

         The title of the book is alluring: 

         Take these 10 personal decision issues for example. Act on them.

1. Make your children the most important priority in your life. Build other commitments around them. If you are not a parent, look for children who could benefit from your investment in their lives.
2. Be faithful to your spouse. Demonstrate commitment to fidelity and love. If you are single or married, measure your relationships by their integrity, not their usefulness.
3. Focus not just on what you believe but on how you act on important beliefs. Seek ways to love your neighbor.
4. Live with integrity, accountability, and seriousness. Take responsibility for your existence.
5. Have a vocation, not just a career. Discern your gifts and talents. Look for opportunities to use them well. Personal good contributes to the common good.
6. Choose what is enough, not all that is possible to acquire. Replace appetites with values. Model those values in all cases.
7. Make your business, company, or organization more ethical. Challenge that which is dishonest and/or exploitative.
8. Ask yourself what offends your sense of justice. Decide to change that. Join with others who are committed to social transformation.
9. Know your political representatives are at the local and national levels. Make your convictions and commitments known to them. Hold them accountable for theirs.
10. Examine all that is important enough to give your life for. Put your life and beliefs into action.


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