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Dec 13, 2012

"12-12-12" Concert for Relief and Recovery

Take a Holiday from the Neighborhood

         Great show last night from Madison Square Garden in New York City. I watched on my new best friend on the local cable TV system, the Palladia channel. To the cable gods who put Palladia in our cable package, I am forever in your debt. The rest of you? Remind me what I used to do again before Palladia showed up among our local hi-def channels.

         Before it's a distant memory, I want to post what I consider to be the most moving (in the context of the entire concert) musical moment from last night, "121212." Before the broadcast got going, I was convinced that this would be a necessary part of the show's performance lineup. I was ready to put money on the thought in fact. -- And so it was. This is a performance by an aging artist who has never been a particular favorite of mine -- Billy Joel. He sang and played (piano, naturally) this tune in a most unforgettable way during the Concert for New York that happened right after 9-11-01 -- eleven years ago and counting, if you canbelieve that. Now this beautiful, New York sentimental ballad has become a legendary element of another peak moment in the pop music and philanthropy tradition via the breathtaking show on December 12, 2012 (Concert Relief "121212")

Billy Joel Performs "New York State of Mind"


         To all of you who out there, having experienced some of the most destructive and overpowering forces of nature imaginable when Sandy came ashore, and for those who now live in and with her life-altering aftermath, all of us Katrina and Rita co-journeyors (like me) walk with you and feel for you. Honestly, things do get better -- life circumstances and living arrangements and many people get re-connected -- and one day you wake up to a life (forever changed, yet still alive) that is a new normal. That day actually comes every day for me though I can't quite pinpoint when that all began. Hope that day comes soon for you, very soon. Here's the link to the B. Joel performance:

                 Video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFlsXgw_SFE

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